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Anabel Pérez

Anabel Pérez

CEO and Co-Founder of NovoPayment

Novopayment is a pioneering financial infrastructure company that enables financial
institutions, neobanks, and fintechs across the Americas to build and deploy digital
financial and payment products through its API-based platform.
Trained as banker, but a techie at heart, Anabel is a passionate thought leader and
an advocate for the role of technology in the evolution of financial services,
embedded finance, and new delivery and service models that bring access to
financial products to consumers and organizations of all types.
In addition to her leadership of NovoPayment which has resulted in the company
reaching 15+ markets in the U.S. and Latin America, Anabel is a longtime proponent
of the flourishing Miami tech community and sits on the board of the Miami affiliate
of Endeavor, which builds thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and
underserved markets around the world.
She’s passionate about building, scaling, and distributing products that have the
power to delight hundreds of millions of consumers, businesses and developers.
Anabel is an Endeavor Entrepreneur and the first Hispanic American woman
recipient of the Paybefore Industry Achievement Award for her contributions to the
payments space, financial inclusion, and more than 72 deployments, touching
+10,000 corporate platform users and 2.5 million end users.


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