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Daniel Russek

Daniel Russek

CEO, Atarraya, Inc.

Daniel Russek is the founder and CEO of Atarraya, Inc., a company working to make shrimp the protein of the 21st century. As CEO, Russek is responsible for the company’s products and vision, strategic development, business opportunities, and more. He founded Atarraya in 2019 to improve the lives of small fishermen and revitalize the aquaculture industry. Atarraya uses biotechnology and artificial intelligence to redefine the limits of what is possible in seafood production and distribution.
Russek was trained as an economist, but developed an early attachment to the Oaxacan coast in Mexico when he was still in college. He was shocked at the poverty he saw in the area while handing out posthurricane relief supplies, and decided to develop productive initiatives to help rural populations improve their income and living standards, especially fishermen.
Earlier in his career, Russek worked as a consultant and director for various Mexican companies. He was a senior consultant for Logyt, where he handled business analytics, and earlier was a general manager of a nonprofit organization. Russek launched his first company Maricultura Vigas in 2010. He holds an economics degree from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City.


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