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Daniela Cadena

Daniela Cadena

Director of Corporate Development, Chiper

Daniela Cadena is a business leader and entrepreneur. She is passionate about solving social problems through profit-driven models. She currently works as the Director of Corporate Development at Chiper, the leading B2B e-commerce ecosystem for corner stores in Latin America, where she has helped raise over $53M to date. Additionally, she serves as a Global Shaper Fellow within the World Economic Forum community, fostering a network of young changemakers worldwide.

Before joining Chiper, she worked as the Director of Venture Programs at Florida International University, helping raise over $10M in university grants helping students, alums, and faculty commercialize research and launch ventures. Throughout her career, Daniela has run over 20 incubators and accelerators while contributing to organizations such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, and IDEO. Daniela completed her Master’s in International Relations at IE Business School and shared her idea of “rediscovering human value” on the TEDx stage.


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