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Fernanda Contreras

Fernanda Contreras

Co-Founder & Head of Studio Gamaga- Kongregate Studio

Fernanda, a Co-Founder and the head of Studio at Gamaga by Kongregate, is a prominent figure in the Chilean video game development industry. With a strong emphasis on business elements, she actively advocates for the company’s culture and drives its development forward. Her influential presence extends beyond the confines of Gamaga, as she has served as a spokeswoman at numerous national and international business events. Notably, Fernanda was a key speaker at the prestigious global economy summit in 2020, where she shared insights on the evolving landscape of the gaming industry.
Her unwavering dedication to promoting equal opportunities for women within the industry has become a cornerstone of her work. In March 2023 she was invited to the UN representing  Chile as a leader within the tech sectors where she took part in talks with other women from around the globe to discuss creating equal opportunities for women and girls worldwide. Additionally, Fernanda serves as an inspirational figure for aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to take the leap and venture into the creation of their own startups and video game projects. Through her expertise, leadership, and commitment to fostering a thriving business environment, Fernanda has left an indelible mark on the world of gaming, shaping the industry’s future and empowering others to follow in her footsteps.


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