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Jaime Granados

Jaime Granados

Trade and Investment Division Chief of the Integration and Trade Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank

Prior to being appointed as Chief of the Investment Division, Jaime coordinated the IDB’s trade and integration hub for Central America, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. He was Professor of Trade and Integration in the Americas at Georgetown University´s School of Law in Washington, DC (2004-2008). Before joining the IDB, he was Director of International Trade Negotiations at the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica.
He has a Law Degree from the University of Costa Rica, a Master of Law from the University of
Georgia, and a Master of Public Policy from Oxford University.
He has published and edited various books and articles on trade and integration, including the edition, with Alejandro Ramos, of the book “Zonas Francas”, and “Comercio y Desarrollo en América Latina y El Caribe: Análisis Crítico de sus Oportunidades y Desafíos” (IDB-INTAL, 2015 )


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