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Jesus López

Jesus López

Co-founder and CMO/CPO, CodersLink

Jesus Lopez co-founded CodersLink, a talent solutions platform that empowers companies
to build long-term tech teams in Mexico and Latin America.
With over a decade of experience in the technology startup space, Jesus is an energetic
leader with a unique mix of marketing, technology, and product expertise. He has extensive
experience in building and scaling startups from scratch. As an entrepreneur, he enjoys
understanding first principles and combining them with a customer-first mindset to create
innovative experiences and position products to the right audience.
Jesus also holds a Fellowship from Stanford University in Entrepreneurship and has
participated in several growth programs such as Google Accelerator and Techstars. He’s
been co-founder in two other startups in the FinTech and GreenTech spaces. In his free
time, he enjoys traveling, reading, and staying active through sports and fitness activities


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