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Josefa Marzo

Josefa Marzo

Portfolio Director, Kalonia Venture Partners

Josefa’s career has taken her across multiple countries, including Spain, the United States,
and Mexico. She began her journey in law, serving as Head of Legal in Spain for ABN Amro
and later as Head of Legal for Latin America for RBS in the US. After being promoted to COO
for Latin America, she co-founded Accendo bank in Mexico, where she played a pivotal role
as COO, overseeing the operational, technological, HR, and organizational aspects of the

This experience ignited her passion for Fintech, which she believes represents the future of
financial services. Josefa has worked advising startups and served as Director of the
Finnovista office in Mexico. Currently, she holds the position of Investment Director for
Kalonia Investment Partners, a Spanish fund that focuses on early-stage investments in B2B
Fintech startups with a specific emphasis on expanding in Latin America, particularly in


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