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Juan Eduardo de Urraza

Juan Eduardo de Urraza

CEO & Founder, Posibillian Tech

Juan is a software engineer, science-fiction writer, university teacher, and radio announcer. Founder and ex-president of IGDA Paraguay.

Currently he is the founder and CEO of Posibillian Tech, the biggest professional game development studio from Paraguay, specialized in location-based games, multiplayer, blockchain, AI, and metaverse. With the videogame “Fhacktions”, they were one of the winners of the Google Indie Games Festival LATAM, winner of the Indie Prize, and accelerated by Google Indie Games Accelerator in Singapore and by Level Up Accelerator in Finland. Posibillian Tech is currently developing its new game: “Romance GO”, to be launched this year, and working in co-development and external projects with startups and studios from USA, Europe, and Asia.

Juan was the co-creator and editor of the first digital and multimedia magazine in Paraguay, and he is a published author. His ten books are mainly science-fiction and fantasy, with many novels and short stories.


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