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Mariana Franza

Mariana Franza

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ualá

Mariana joined Ualá in July 2021 as Chief Operating Officer (COO) to contribute with the
company’s growth and devise its operational management model. She is in charge of the
Administration, Operations, User Experience, and International Expansion teams.
She has more than 20 years of experience in financial and technology markets. She has
an MBA from Fordham Business School, with a specialization in Finance, and a degree in
computing systems from CAECE University -where she taught for 5 years-.
Her career includes the co-creation of one of the first international e-commerce
platforms,, and eleven years of experience at Goldman Sachs, where she
led the opening process of the entity’s brokerage houses in Mexico and Brazil and served
as Global Director of Interest Rate Operations. In addition, she was CEO of Mercado
Abierto Electrónico, where she introduced technological and cultural modernization to
the company.


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