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Maricruz Larrea

Maricruz Larrea

CEO and founder of Farmtastica

Maricruz Larrea is the CEO and founder of Farmtastica, a startup company specializing in
controlled environment agriculture (CEA). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Oceanic Civil
Engineering from the University of Valparaíso in Chile, and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has received awards by the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, StartUp Chile, and Chile’s development agency CORFO.
Her passion for sustainable agriculture, access to fresh food, and belief in the potential of
CEA to revolutionize the industry led her to start Farmtastica.
Under Maricruz’s leadership, Farmtastica has developed proprietary technologies for
indoor farming, utilizing advanced lighting and irrigation systems, as well as software for
precise crop monitoring and management. The company has also established partnerships
with leading food retailers to continue advancing the field of CEA.
Maricruz is committed to building a more sustainable and resilient food system by bringing
fresh, healthy produce to both urban and remote areas and reducing the carbon footprint
of agriculture. She believes that CEA has the potential to transform the way we grow and
consume food, and she is dedicated to making this vision a reality through the company’s
innovative solutions.


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