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Matías Barbero

Matías Barbero

Head of Operations & Partnerships, Mana Tech

Mati is passionate about supporting LatAm Tech Companies’ internationalization in the US through Miami. He does this by creating innovative Go to Market and US Investment Readiness Programs and providing access to the Miami Business Tech Community and his network. As a result, the companies accelerate their learning curves toward achieving market validation and de-risk their possibilities of failure by learning how to approach the US market with a solid commercial offer and an operational business model.
Mati, Head of Operations & Partnerships at Mana Tech has been working for the last few years
supporting +100 startups’ expansion and consolidation in the US market. He continues to assemble a strong team with years of experience in supporting individual companies with Market Entry by adding hundreds of mentors, industry experts, investors, and thought leaders from the Miami Tech Community to Mana Tech’s resources, an Ambassadors Network in LatAm, and developing strategic alliances with multiple Government Agencies and NGOs, across South America, who are actively supporting startups with the same expansion goal.
Mana Tech is the technology-focused arm of Mana Common, a platform for urban revitalization and community building operated by the visionary entrepreneur, Moishe Mana. Mana Tech is Mana Common’s initiative to cultivate a thriving and innovative tech community. Miami is uniquely positioned to become the next great Tech Hub, with a culture of innovation and a fertile environment for growth.
Mana Tech’s, through programs, VC focused in Pre-Series A for AgriFoodTech, events, and spaces is set to provide the physical and social infrastructure for a world-class tech community to thrive in the heart of Miami (Downtown). Mana Tech will leverage a critical mass of real estate and combine it with a unique understanding of the elements required to cultivate a startup community, providing a distinct value proposition for Miami’s tech ecosystem in Flagler District, Miami, Florida.


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