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Vishal Ahluwalia

Vishal Ahluwalia

Founder & CEO of KeeperAI

An entrepreneur at heart with 20+ years in banking and financial services, operations, and equity financing, Vishal is an agile executive leader and CEO, whose career spans from Tea plantations in Darjeeling, India, to the boardrooms of Fortune 50 companies.
Vishal is currently the Founder & CEO of KeeperAI, a SaaS startup that empowers people to connect in the hybrid world of work. In two years, he has built a global and diverse team, grown KeeperAI’s valuation by 300%, raised ~$5 million from private investors, built relationships, and led negotiations with top-tier companies, like Microsoft and Google.
Vishal holds an MBA from the Institute of Management Education along with post-graduate
executive leadership courses. Vishal serves as a senior advisor to various companies and regularly speaks before professional associations, corporate and elite university audiences on topics regarding Fintech, Globalization, the Future of Work, and the Digital Workplace.


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