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Yaron Sfadyah

Yaron Sfadyah

Director of Business Development at Believer Meats & Chairman of the FoodTech Advisory Board, Israel Export Institute.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” (George Bernard Shaw (Lego CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp)
Yaron thinks the above motto is even more true in business development, where engagements are based on value and technology, but are nurtured by trust, creativity and play. Though the industries he worked at, government, medical, pharma, IoT and semiconductor are full of complexity, if we know to nurture the fun of it with creativity and play, we can find solutions to the most complicated deals.
Besides doing Business development for Believer Meats and chairing the FoodTech Avisory Board at the Israel Export Institute, Yaron is also an avid beach volleyball player and a podcast host, as part of a small group in Tel Aviv hosting bi-monthly events where speakers share one of their failure stories, for the purpose of talking about failures in order to learn from failures.
It is this rare mix that gives Yaron a different outlook about life and business.


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