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Yoni Epstein

Yoni Epstein

Founding Chairman & CEO, ITEL

Yoni Epstein is the CEO and Founding Chairman of Itel, an international customer experience provider with over 15 industry awards and 15 facilities across the Caribbean, Latin America, and the U.S.
A bold and influential leader in the BPO industry, he has developed and expanded over 500,000 sq feet of purpose-built contact center space across the region and invested millions in growing an engaging corporate culture that provides job opportunities with continuous learning and career advancement for thousands.
Yoni launched the 4Ys Foundation, a registered non-profit, in 2019 aimed at supporting local communities in critical areas, such as Sports, Education, Innovation, and Environment.
Listed among the “50 most influential executives in the Latin American & Caribbean region”, he actively drives policy improvements and private-public sector collaboration to strengthen and position the nearshore as the outsourcing destination of choice.


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